Mop Bucket Bombs – Pack of 2 – Perfume Dupes

Mop Bucket Bombs – Pack of 2 – Perfume Dupes

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If you love your perfume aromas these are perfect for you.

Pack of 2 large Mop Bucket Bombs. Simply drop one into your bucket of warm water, let them fizz releasing the fragrance and wash away freshening and scenting as you go!

Please note that these do not contain cleaning agents so are purely to freshen and scent your hard floors in your favourite fragrances.

This is a pack of 2 large mop bucket bombs:-

1 x Alien Dupe Fragrance

1 x One Million Dupe Fragrance

These are made from a different recipe to our usual bath bomb and are NOT suitable for use in the bath.

Most Mop Bucket Bombs usually weigh around 30g but these are over 100g each so massive amount of fragrance in each one!

These are uncoloured.